A collection of my current or past projects that may not be directly associated with my research.

I enjoy improving my skills in programming whenever I get the chance. My strongest skills lie where I work most frequently (Julia, Python, and MATLAB), but I also meddle around in bash scripting and C++. I created this website as a refresher on my web-dev skills; you can find the code here (it's a bit crude :/). Although it is written in pure html, css, and javascript, I also have some experience with React JS. Check out my Github where I've made public the repositories that I thought may be interesting to others.




This code for this package was created in collaboration with my master's advisor Marco Tulio Angulo. Originally the code was developed for the investigation conducted in this paper 1, but was later turned into a julia package once we realized the potential for this to be applied in much broader contexts (also compatible with R - see documentation). You can find the documentation here

1 Angulo, M. T., Kelley, A., Montejano, L., Song, C. & Saavedra, S. Nat. Ecol. Evol.

Solutions to Textbook Exercises

Here are some of my personal solutions to some exercises in text books that I've worked through outside of class. These "solution manuals" are not necessarily complete or guaranteed to be 100% correct. If you have a correction or alternate solution, let me know and I'll include it (and give you credit).

Note: I have uploaded (rather embarrassingly) few solutions to these books, but this is mainly because I recently haven't had the time to typeset other answers...coming soon

Book Links
Probability Theory: Theory and Examples - Richard Durrett LaTeX PDF Download
Logic and Structure - Dirk van Dalen LaTeX PDF Download